Welcome to Alis Fashion Design workshop!

In our workshop, there are several steps to go through to make a handmade, one of a kind dress for you. We would like to share this process with you to show how dedicated we are in order to make you feel comfortable.

We provide services such as fitting and measurement, which includes 10-30 measurement points for one garment in order to have a perfect fit on your body shape.
And then, we create pattern and design.
That is why we enable to bring the best fit of individual garment.

We start off from choosing best fabrics that suits the garment and whole design.
Lana personalizes it to make it one of a kind, and finishes with hand-made stiches with care and accuracy.

All the gourmets, either costumes, wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, formal dresses, or even alteration, will be certainly finished in professional, high-end way, which 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

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