Women’s Alterations
Alterations and Tailoring by Alis Fashion Design. Womens Alterations

At some point, most people need clothing alterations. It is because the clothes you purchase at department stores and the like are mass-manufactured according to a “standardized size,” which means that, from time to time, details of clothes here and there may not match your personal body shape. Other times, you simply want to revive the clothes that have been stored in your wardrobe for a long time—your dresses can easily be re-styled into new look.

An alteration is a change, modification, or an adjustment of clothes. It often involves making a garment shorter or longer for your body shape, mending or repairing a garment, or transforming a garment into another.

With two decades of women’s alterations and tailoring experience, we can boast a very high satisfaction rate and a deep understanding of the process of alterations and tailoring for women. We can make any dress look fantastic on you. We do only original finishing!

From women’s professional wear to casual wear to formal dresses and gowns, our professional work handles all of your alteration needs. When you order our alterations, you can expect all of your clothing to fit you perfectly.

Basic Clothing Alterations

Is your skirt too long? Do you wish your work pants were 2 inches shorter to make you look sharp? Is your dress is too big or too small in the wrong places? let us help you achieve the perfect fit!

Couture Alterations

We also do “Couture Alterations,” working with brands such as ChanelOscar de la RentaBottega VenetaGiorgio Armani with professional, detailed, and precise alterations. We have long-term experience in dealing with couture alterations of such high-end brands, and we are skilled to have them altered with care.

Seeing is believing, and the finishing of your altered garment will look exactly the same as the original! We are 100% confident that the finished couture garments will look like they’ve never been touched.

Fashion Restyling

Have an outdated suit that is still in good condition, or an excellent jacket with too-big shoulder pads? Don’t throw them away! Bring them to us and we can bring new life to them, saving you time and money!

Advanced Dress Alterations

With nearly twenty years experience, you can trust us for expert services in:

  • Silk
  • Sequin
  • Chiffon
  • Crystal
  • Beading
  • Lace Work
  • Fine Fabrics
  • Swarovski Crystals


For any questions, please check FAQ and Price List, and Contact Us. Why choose Alis Fashion Design for alteration service? – Personalized Attentive Service – High Workmanship Standards – Focus on QualityValueService Two convenient locations in the West and East Valley. For locations, please visit our Contact Us page. 


-Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed – High Customer Retention Ratio – Corporate Discounts Available – House Calls and Office Visits Available 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy: Our guarantee is straight-forward. If you are not satisfied with any alteration, you do not pay for that specific alteration. The satisfaction of our clients means everything to us.

*Items which are not picked up by our customers within 90 days after the promised date will be disposed.