Why A Custom Designed, Bespoke Wedding Dress: A Community Heard

Bespoke dress made from 100% silk

I stumbled across an article yesterday and it gave me an idea! I have been espousing for years now that when it comes time to decide on a wedding dress, you should choose to have it custom designed and crafted for you. Why? Well, an article I wrote a few months back best answers this – Why You Should Custom Design The Wedding Dress Of Your Dreams.
Recently however, I have discovered that I am not the only one communicating this message. Below is an article I found that (in their own words) explains what I have been talking about for god knows how long!
Oh, and the idea I was telling you about… well, enough of me talking about this, I am going to find and provide for you (my readers) other articles validating our claim.  Those who we believe are “really in the know” offering the same advice and opinion.  We here at Alis Fashion have learned that there are many of us who know the truth, we just need to be talking about it more, helping each other and spreading the word.

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