Scottsdale Community College Speech


April 23, 2013

For the ART237 Fashion Photography class at Scottsdale Community College (where Mr. Roger Palmenberg teaches), I was invited to give an inspirational and informative speech as a fashion design teacher from Alis Fashion Design, where I make wedding dressescustom-made clothing. Since it is a class concerning fashion photography, I shared my thoughts about the fashion industry, both for their personal information and also to facilitate communication between the fashion and photography industries.

I talked about my background, accomplishments, ambition, and, most importantly, how I got to where I am now.

Not only did I enjoy helping inform the students, I also witnessed inspiration on many of the young students’ faces, faces who will hopefully become the next leaders and teachers of the fashion design industry. Needless to say, this was the highlight of the day!

Taking time and energy to finish high-quality pieces is hard work, and sometimes a certain kind of pain is inevitable when creating custom-made clothing, such as making wedding dresses. However, the reward that I get from it (seeing the finished products, my clients’ smiles and happy voices) is so incredible that I can forget about the pain in second!

I’m very glad and honored that I could share these thoughts with them, and I was energized myself when I witnessed students becoming interested in the speech, their eagerness to do something great growing by the second.

I believe this is the best class for fashion photography in Scottsdale area, and many of the students in this class have succeeded in the professional world, with their photos published in various media outlets.

I wish the best of luck to them, and I’m looking forward to giving a speech again, because it is inspirational to me as well!

Lana Gerimovich