Just as Alis Fashion Design is known for custom-made wedding dresses, we also specialize in custom-designed modest bridal gowns. Sometimes referred to as temple dresses or LDS dresses, modest wedding dresses are elegant with sleeves, high necklines, and floor-length skirts. Unlike modest bridal gowns off the rack, our bespoke temple dresses are designed individually based on particular measurements of yours, which sometimes ends up with 45 measurement points in order to create accurate patterns. During the consultation, designer Lana Gerimovich discusses your favorite design and high quality fabrics of your dream modest wedding dress to reflect your style and personality. The dresses we produce are handmade, full of exquisite detail, exhibiting the high couture skills of twenty years’ worth of design experience. We guarantee that our modest bridal gowns fit perfectly on every inch of your body. If it is your day, why don’t you have your dream dress custom made? Our one-of-a-kind modest wedding dress with sleeves, floor-length skirt, and high neckline designed just for you gives the perfect, elegant look for your memorable moment! 

If you would like to proceed with a custom-made couture modest wedding dress with us, please contact us with some pictures of the kinds of wedding dresses you are looking for and the date of wedding. Please allow us to have four to six months lead-time for custom made orders of LDS dresses due to our detailed hand-made process.

Having your modest bridal gowns custom-designed ensures the complete look. However, you can also choose the option of bridal alterations to have your wedding dress off the rack, with added sleeves, a raised neckline, and a re-designed bodice. You will get our personalized couture alterations to transform a normal wedding dress into graceful temple dress. You can see more details at our Bridal Alterations page.

Modest Wedding Dress Detail
Modest Wedding Dress Full View
Modest Wedding Dress Front