Miss Universe Guam Brittany Bell Competed at Miss Universe 2014

Former Miss Arizona USA 2010 Brittany Bell won the crown of Miss Universe Guam 2014, then she competed at 63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant at Doral Miami, Florida on January 21st. Miss Universe candidates from 88 countries had many events while they stayed before the Miss Universe Pageant 2014. 

After Miss Universe Guam Brittany Bell flew to Doral Miami, she has attended several events in our one-of-a-kind couture dresses! We are so honored to have her wear our special dresses to complement her world-class beauty!

Miss Universe Guam Brittany Bell in one of a kind pink cocktail dress designed by Alis Fashion Design

Miss Universe Guam in our one-of-a-kind spring cocktail dress. Color of “pink” matches her skin to represent her island beauty!

Miss Universe Guam Brittany Bell in one of a kind couture black lack evneing gown designed by Alis Fashion Design for Miss Universe 2015 Pageant

Miss Universe Guam in our couture evening gown made with black metallic lace at || Forno Ristorante. She looks so elegant and sexy!

Miss Universe Guam 2014 Brittany Bell in National Costume of Guam made by LSO Designs by Linda Stokes during 2014 Miss Unvierse Pageant

Miss Universe Guam Brittany Bell in her national costume made by LSO Designs By Linda Stokes. The dress represents Guam so well! Image courtesy of Miss Universe.


Miss Universe Guam Brittany Bell in swimsuit during Preliminary Competition. She’s so fit! Image courtesy of Miss Universe.


Miss Universe Guam Brittany Bell in evening gown custom made by Gaspar Cruz. She looks gorgeous! Image courtesy of Miss Universe.


Before being crowned of Miss Universe Guam 2014, she won the title of Miss Arizona USA 2010! Image courtesy of Miss Universe.


Breathtaking island beauty! Images courtesy of Alex Stark Photography.


After Brittany represented herself Miss Universe Guam at Preliminary Competition of Miss Universe 2014, she came back to Arizona to attend some Super Bowl events. At W Scottsdale, she was wearing our one of a kind black cocktail dress with gold sequins!


Bespoke dress designer of Alis Fashion Design Lana Gerimovich with Miss Universe Guam Brittany Bell.


Miss Universe Guam Brittany Bell has such a lovely family who supports her so much with a lot of love! Brittany is so beautiful inside and outside. We are so honored to meet Brittany and her family, and get a wonderful opportunity to have Miss Universe Guam wear our custom designed couture dresses!

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