Lana is featured in the got2b Fashion Show, Phoenix AZ

Lana Gerimovich Alis Fashion Design

Before the got2b Fashion Show kicked off, Alis Fashion Design provided the services of both “on-the-go/on-the-spot” high quality alterations and fashion/clothing stylist. Fashion/Clothing Stylists of Alis Fashion Design matched the accessories and heels with the dresses to create a perfect image, taking colors and shapes into careful consideration, and drawing upon the inspiration of hair products. Models donned the dresses, and Lana was pinning, cutting, and tailoring furiously in the dressing room, where make-up artists and hair stylists were jam-packed like travelers in Grand Central Station in the middle of rush hour. How many alterations could a model need, you ask? You’d never believe! It takes courage and a plucky designer (not to mention a set of quick hands) to provide on-the-spot fashion stylist service.

Lana immediately envisioned each model’s image, wardrobe, and style, and created stunning arrays of models’ clothing and hairstyles. In the end, the fashion show was a great hit, and we received many generous compliments on our services.

We enjoyed this experience and are looking forward to participating in fashion shows in the future!