Lana Gerimovich at Mohave Middle School Lecture

May 8, 2013

Fashion designer Lana Gerimovich with Alis Fashion Design was honored to present at Mohave Middle School in Scottsdale AZ for their Career Day. The 8th graders were very interested to hear Lana’s personal story, especially how her degree in engineering helped improve her skills in clothing construction and dramatically improved her skill as a fashion designer. For ten years, she owned a manufacturing company in Ukraine that produced clothing for children and adults, an experience that further expanded her knowledge in the business of fashion. Still, after all those years, Lana moved away from mass production, bringing her sense of style and extensive knowledge into custom design,  and alterations right into the heart of Scottsdale AZ.

The future fashion designers asked many thoughtful questions and received extensive, knowledgeable answers from Lana regarding custom design, alterations, clothing production, and much more. The staff and students of Mohave Middle School are very appreciative of Lana’s presentation, her involvement in the community, and her desire to share her passion!