Interview Of Bespoke Dress Designer Lana Gerimovich Featured In Angelic Magazine November Issue

Alis Fashion Design in Angelic Magazine Novemer Issue with Interview and Vintage Polka Dots dress


Here is the featured interview of Lana Gerimovich speaking about how she became a bespoke dress designer, and what Alis Fashion Design’s fashion line is.

“In 1989 with my Engineering degree, a recently acquired Fashion Design diploma and a limitless enthusiasm for fashion I launched a garment factory called “Epas”, which was a joint venture between factories in the Ukraine and Poland. For the next eight years, I worked at Epas the garment factory as a head designer. 

After Epas, I started my own women’s and children’s clothes manufacturing company “Alisa”. Under my leadership the company quickly grew and by 1998 “Alisa” brand clothing was available at major retail stores throughout Central Ukraine. 

After experiencing mass-manufacturing as a CEO and head designer of Alisa, I realized that the mass-produced clothing styles are not always ideal products for most women’s curvy feminine lines.

When I moved to Rochester, New York from Ukraine, my ambition again resulted in me starting my own custom clothing design studio “Alis Fashion Design”. After I visited Arizona and got inspired by the unique opportunities Arizona offers, I decide to move to Arizona and open my boutique in Old Town Scottsdale.

At Alis Fashion Design, I create high quality one-of-a-kind couture wedding gowns, evening dresses for special occasions, casual wear, and costumes for performances that are made to order. Every piece is designed individually, based on individual measurements – the opposite of mass production.

My motto continually drives me to make every women’s body look beautiful regardless of what shapes and sizes they are. As each woman’s body is different with varieties of points of the body, I design and create the dresses that fit perfectly on individual reflecting one’s personal style and types of body. All of my gowns are one-of-a-kind, means that I never create the same dress again. To create high quality and couture dresses, I apply my engineering skills to the design and construction of my clothes. The application of engineering principles enabled precision, crispness and the impeccable tailoring of my bespoke pieces.

My clothing line is defined as ‘Sophisticated, Elegant and Sensual Woman’ by applying full of exquisite detail and exhibiting the high couture skills of twenty years’ worth of design experience. The inspiration of my line is “women’s body” because natural body is a sculpture for me, which gives motivation and creativity to my design. All women look beautiful as they are and every woman deserves to have her own style. This is my mission and what Alis Fashion Design’s clothing line stands for. I am proud to be a local designer, who delivers high quality couture one-of-a-kind dresses in Arizona.” – source from Angelic Magazine November Issue page 51.

One of a kind vintage polka dots dress designed by Alis Fashion Design featured in Angelic Magazine November Issue

Model | Kathryn Butler, Jewelry | Lana May, Designer | Lana Gerimovich

You can read Angelic Magazine November Issue to view more fashion! 

Alis Fashion Design participated in Jesus, Music, Fashion, The Event by Angelic Magazine on October 10th at Phoenix Center For The Arts with our one of a kind couture evening gowns designed by Lana Gerimovich. 

Alis Fashion Design couture red prom dress evening gown with sweetheart neckline at Angelic Magazine Fashion Show

Alis Fashion Design couture bespoke evening gowns designed by Lana Gerimovich at Angelic Magazine Fashion Show

Thank you, all the beautiful models, hair/make-up artist from 3Jay Productions, jewelry designer Lana May, musicians, Angelic Magazine and audience who participated in this event!

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