Creative Students at Alis Fashion Design

At Alis Fashion Design, bespoke designer Lana Gerimovich enjoys to have opportunities to share her experience as a fashion designer of bespoke clothing with students who are driven to be in the field of arts.
This time, students and art and photography teacher Jennifer. M from Telluride High School in Telluride, Colorado visited our Scottsdale boutique. These students are from career and tech student organization called CREATE with the mission of opening their eyes to creative career opportunities in art industry. Thier field trip outside of Colorado gives them hands-on industry insight as well as connecting experts in the industry that they are driven to get involved in the future.

Lana Gerimovich had an amazing day with these passionate students, and was glad to have an opportunity to meet them in person to give them some knowledge of fashion design that she has been for more than 20 years along with life tips!

CREATE Telluride High School student visited fashion designer Lana Gerimovich at Alis Fashion Design Scottsdale boutique

CREATE telluride high school students from Colorado thank you card for the meeting

Another passionate student is Haley! She has been taking private sewing classes by our designer Lana Gerimovich. She has been accepted to Academy of Art University School of Fashion in San Francisco!! We are so proud of our excellent student who has a high potential to succeed in fashion industry at this young age!!

Lana Gerimovich priviate sewing class student accepted by fashion school Academy of Art University in San Francisco

sewing student of Lana Gerimovich working on making pattern of the skirt

sewing student designed and created two piece dress by herself at Scottsdale Alis Fashion Design sewing class

She has completed her sewing lessons. As a last project, she created this two piece dress all by herself! We feel confident that she will be doing fantastic at the fashion school!

Please welcome intern Nancy Esteves Pérez, fashion design student from Universidad Interamericana para el desarrollo, Mexico.

Bespoke designer Lana Gerimovich with intern student from Mexico City at Alis Fashion Design boutique

fashion designer Lana Gerimovich with intern student from Mexico City at Alis Fashion Design boutique

She has been learning “couture fashion” and “couture textile and fabrics” at Alis Fashion Design. She is such a driven student who is eager to learn every part of bespoke clothing! Also, her sewing skill set that she brought with her is amazing!!

fashion internship student sewing couture tartan fabrics from Ireland at Alis Fashion Design

Pattern cutting making at Alis Fashion Design for bespoke wedding gown

In process of handcrafting bespoke couture wedding dress skirt by Alis Fashion Design

Not only does she gain hands-on experience of bespoke craftsmanship, but also designer Lana Gerimovich brings Nancy to a lot of networking, business meetings as well as visiting Phoenix Art Museum for inspiration for fashion and educational insight.

fashion designer Lana Gerimovich with intern student at Phoenix Art Museum

Also, Haley and Nancy are getting along so well through Alis Fashion Design! They are exchanging some inputs as fashion school students and exchanging the information of their school. Even though Haley lives here in US, and Nancy is from Mexico City, fashion connects these two future fashion designers!

Fashion students having a meeting at Alis Fashion Design bespoke womenswear boutique at Scottsdale

BIG Announcement of Alis Fashion Design by Lana Gerimovich as a fashion educator:

On August 15th, Lana Gerimovich with Alis Fashion Design is going to Nancy’s school Universidad Interamericana para el desarrollo, Mexico to give a lecture Fashion By Measure as a bespoke fashion designer for womenswear.

We hope that this lecture will give students deep insight of what is like to be a fashion designer to create  made to measure one-of-a-kind couture pieces for more than 20 years.

Fashion By Measure Lana Gerimovich guest speaker at Universidad Interamericana para el desarrollo, Mexico

Nancy’s last day as an intern at Alis Fashion Design is coming up soon, but we are very excited for our designer Lana Gerimovich to visit her and her school.

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