IMG_2685At some point, most of people need clothing alterations. It is because the clothes you purchase from mass manufacturing stores are made along with “standardized size”, which means some details of clothes do not match the personal body shape. Sometimes, you simply want to revive the clothes that have been stored in your wardrobe for a long time—your dresses can easily be re-styled into new look.

Alterations is a change, modification or adjustment of clothes. It involves with making a garment shorter or longer for your body shape, mending or repairing a garment, and transforming a garment into another. Garments will look better on you and give a professional appearance of you.

From casual clothes such as a pair of pants or skirt to formal dresses such as a wedding gown and prom dress,Alis Fashion Design are here for you to give a high quality service of alterations to make your clothes fit perfect as if it is made for you.

We also do “Couture Alterations” such as Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Bottega Veneta, Giorgio Armani and so on with professional, detailed, and precise tailoring. We have a long-term experience of dealing with couture alterations of such high-end brands and we are skilled to tailor them with care.

Believe it or not, finishing will be exactly the same as the original look! We are 100% confident that the finished couture garments will look like it’s never been touched

Our reviews speak for themselves and our quality is second to none in Arizona!

We strive with every garment to meet the highest and most stringent of quality standards. The policy of Alis fashionDesign follows these strict guidelines to our product line.The highest standards of sewing construction and sophisticated technics are used in each product line from the beginning to the end.

This dedication to quality, consistency and the motivation of striving to be best have led Alis Fashion Design to become the best custom made fashion for ladies clothing inboth the greater Phoenix & Scottsdale area.

If you have any questions and concerns, please go to contact page to reach us. We are always happy to talk to you to make you smile.