Blackout Special Engagement Showing Tempe Arizona

At the beginning of the Red Carpet, the entire cast of the move “Blackout” arrived in dressed in vintage outfits, 1950’s style, and hopped out from the classic cars, just like they did in their film performance.

Amber, one of Alis Fashion Design’s clients, came out in a gorgeous white bespoke evening dress, which closely resembled the dress in which Audrey Hepburn, Holly Golightly, appeared elegantly in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

In both the beginning and the end of the premier, Amber spoke into the microphone on the stage: “Fashion designer Lana Gerimovich made my special dress beautiful!”

Fashion designer Lana Gerimovich from Alis Fashion Design specializes not only in creating custom gowns and tailoring formal wear, but can also design clothing for special occasions. Lana made sure that Amber’s dress was not only perfectly-fitting, but also wowed the audience with its stunning glamour, just like Audrey’s did. Tonight with our custom-made vintage gown, we were able to give one more girl a chance to smile.

The movie Blackout was filmed here in Arizona. Director Doug Monce and Atomic Age Pictures decided to make a black and white movie set in 1953, the golden era of classic movies, and Alis Fashion Design was happy to get involved by designing vintage outfits for this premier to support this local film. For more information about Blackout, please go to Blackout Facebook page.

If you are interested in our bespoke evening dresss, or if you would like us to design clothing for special occasions (including performances, shows, and theater productions) Lana Gerimovich design is here for you! Please contact us.



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