Behind The Scenes of Beauty is a Distraction

In the beginning of June 2015, A local professional female team was formed again to create the project “Beauty is a Distraction.” Of course, our local team members includes Photographer Bethany Garvey from BCaptured Photography, Stylist Jessica Edmunds from J Petite along with Alixandra Collections, and HMUA Adrianne Brees, all who we worked for “Beauty with a Real Body” project which got featured in Arizona Foothills Magazine’s Style Files blog in the summer with the model Lexi Placourakis.

Photographer Bethany and Lana Gerimovich has been working together for many different projects. Like the previous project Beauty with a Real Body, Lana brought the project concept to Bethany. Photographer Bethany and Lana Gerimovich has been working together for many different projects, and she is very good at visualizing the concept through the lens.

This project concept Beauty is a Distraction came into her mind when she visited Singapore last summer. Singapore is the growing country where technology is very advanced. When Lana took a local train, she realized that people were using mobile devices and no one was looking through the window or chatting with each other. In this modern era, technology is a distraction from the personal interaction which we used to have in the good old days.

To inspire people in this contemporary society, Lana decided to collaborate with this team again. This time, female model Nicole Vollhardt, student of Fashion Marketing student at Art Institute of Phoenix as a lead model, and male model Alexsandr Sasha Kuznetsov joined our team as the youth to be key roles in this shoot.

The story starts from the train station where Lana was inspired initially. The photoshoot took place at Light Rail station at Main and Sycamore.

Models Nicole Vollhardt and Aleksandr Kuznetsov at light rail station with Photographer Bethany
Models Nicole Vollhardt behind the scenes of photoshoot by bcaptured photography
behind the scenes Bethany Garvey photograph man and woman fashion photography
Models Nicole Vollhardt in bespoke vintage style dress by Alis Fashion Design at train station

The second story moves onto casual daily scenery at Tempe Beach Park. Beautiful sunny day gives us a perfect natural light.

behind the scenes of beauty is a distraction photoshoot at Tempe Beach Park
All in white crop top and cigarette pants custom made by Alis Fashion Design
Male and Female models chatting behind the scenes of photoshoot
Petite stylist dog Yorkshire Terrier modeling behind the scenes

Follow Jessica’s cute lovely yorkie @djangotheyorkie on Instagram!

The final story is in front of “PATCHED” exhibition at Mesa Arts Center. As a courtesy of artist Kaori Takamura, we were able to make lovely photos. Her artwork is very playful with stitching the canvas and objects patched with different fabrics and embroidery. Collaboration with Kaori’s artwork PATCHED was just perfect to deliver a message through threads, fabrics, and stitching as artists of contemporary arts and fashion designer.

behind the scenes of photoshoot in front of the artwork PATCHED by Kaori Takamura
bcaptured photography and hmua in front of artwork
behind the scenes photoshoot at Mesa Arts Center Arizona
bcaptured photography Bethany Garvey photograph at Patched exhibition by Kaori Takamura
Alis Fashion Design bespoke fashion photoshoot at Mesa Arts Center exhibition
stylist hmua photographer male and female models with Alis Fashion Design at Mesa Arts Center

Thank you all hardworking team members!

We’re so grateful that this project Beauty is a Distraction got featured in Style Files blog of Arizona Foothills Magazine. We wanted to feature all the local places for this story because we simply love Arizona and talented people in this place. We hope that these images revive the good old days that we had before. Let’s turn off our mobile phones, and plug in the personal human interaction to appreciate the moment.

Alis Fashion Design one of a kind rockabilly 50-60's retro style dress with pin up top and swing skirt shot at Light Rail station featured by AZ foothills

Story 1: Distracted by his phone, the man at first ignores the beautiful girl in one-of-a-kind rockabilly 50-60’s retro style dress next to him. To be continued…

Alis Fashion Design custom made two piece crop top and cigarette pants at Tempe Town Lake featured by AZ foothills

Casual daily scenery when you take the dog for a walk in custom designed crop top and cigarette pants like 50s modern look. Still, he is distracted by phone, and doesn’t realize the girl. To be continued…

Alis Fashion Design bespoke evening wear inspired by Audrey Hepburn at PATCHED by Kaori Takamura Mesa Arts Center

FInally can you be distracted by the beauty? Dropped his phone, he sees the beauty of this lady in black lace top and high waisted A-line skirt inspired by Audrey Hepburn.

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