Baroness and Cobra Commander Cosplay at Phoenix Comicon

Phoenix Comicon is a fantastic annual local pop culture and comic convention event at Phoenix Convention Center and HYATT Regency where people share their inner geek!
Our clients Caroline and Craig brought the idea of bespoke costumes to be Baroness and Cobra Commander, villain characters from G.I. Joe. Here are some awesome pictures of them photographed by Aleksandr Kuznetsov at Arizona Science Center in Phoenix downtown during Comicon along with Q and A about their passion for cosplay and experience of bespoke costumes made by designer Lana Gerimovich!

G.I. Joe Baroness Cobra Commander cosplay costume by Alis Fashion Design

  1. How long have you been passionate about costumes? and Why?

We both have been interested in costuming since we were young but as adults, for about 15 years. Being passionate about costuming requires a lot of time and research and heart so we joined  costuming groups and began learning the  arduous process of putting together a professional costume.  Why do we do this? We have always been interested in the process of bringing characters to life and the joy it brings to people who see them.”

G.I. Joe Baroness red bodysuit costume by Alis Fashion Design Phoenix Comicon

G.I. Joe Villain Baroness red bodysuit cosplay by Alis Fashion Design with two guns

G.I. Joe Baroness custom designed red body suits by Alis Fashion Design walking down the stairs with gun

  1. What made you choose to be these characters?

We choose our characters for two reasons.  Love of the character and how interesting and intricate the costume is. We choose characters that are very theatrical and fun to portray.  It is also crucial to us that the costume is extravagant and detailed.”

  1. What made you want to do “custom made” costumes?

When we first started costuming we would order different pieces over the internet and pull various parts from what we could find locally.  The end result often looked “patched together” and not as professional as we wanted.  Our greatest goal is to have costumes that match every precise detail of the original and make people believe we actually are the character. Custom made costumes provide the movie quality look that we aspire to.”

G.I. Joe villain Baroness black bodysuit custom made by Alis Fashion Design Phoenix Comicon

G.I. Joe Baroness in black bodysuit custom made by Alis Fashion Design with two guns

G.I. Joe female villain charactor Baroness black bodysuit designed by Alis Fashion Design

  1. How was the process of bespoke costumes by Lana?

“The process of working with bespoke designer Lana Gerimovich was amazing from start to finish.  We came to her with a bucket list of ideas and photos and she not only created the precise replica of the characters’ costume but far exceeded our expectations in quality, timeliness, and pricing.  We were so impressed that she even traveled out of state to purchase the most perfect fabric for each costume.  We plan on working with Lana on every future costume. Her perfection cannot be duplicated.”

G.I. Joe Baroness Cobra Commander custom made costumes by Alis Fashion Design Phoenix Comicon

  1. How do you feel wearing one-of-a-kind costumes?

Wearing one-of-a-kind costumes really sparks the “dramatic actor” in us!   It takes the hobby of costuming to higher level of entertainment.”

G.I. Joe villain charactor Cobra Commander custom made cosplay costume by Alis Fashion Design Phoenix Comicon

G.I. Joe Cobra Commander villain blue costume custom designed by Alis Fashion Design at Science Center

  1. How were the reactions to your costumes at Comicon?

The reactions have been priceless!  The best reaction ever came from two brothers  (about 5  and 7 yrs. old)  who ran up to us and then just stood frozen in shock. The older brother finally said ‘We LOVE your show!  We really love your show Cobra Commander!” The younger boy whispered “We watch it eeeeeeevvveeery day’. We also can’t even count how many businessmen and women have chased us down in the street to get a photo with their childhood favorite characters. These reactions really make our hobby worthwhile.”

G.I. Joe Cobra Commander blue suit with flowy cape custom made by Alis Fashion Design

We are so happy to see them being the real characters in their bespoke costumes!

G.I. Joe villain charactors Baroness Cobra Commander at Phoenix Comicon

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