All About Love BAHaus Art Event

“All About Love”, the event to celebrate love took place on February 6th, 2016 at BAHaus. Love is the most explored subject in art, yet  it’s still unlimited sides for controversial discoveries. When it is explored through different types of artists’ views, it may evoke new or unexpected realizations. That was the goal of the event “All About Love”: bringing new perspectives of love.

Series of art work Solberg and Centaur by artist Mila Strugatsky

Artists presented the works of art depicting their vision of Love. Many shared their personal love stories that they have gone through their lives, which varies from person to person. All the guests participated in discussion of what is Love, as an emotional, scientific, psychological and spiritual perspectives.

All About Love art event guests and fashion designer Lana Gerimovich at BAHaus
All About Love art event guests at BAHaus
All About Love Valentines Day art event guests at BAHaus
Art event All About Love guests at BAHaus
All About Love local art event guests at BAHaus
Fashion Designer Lana Gerimovich at local artist community event All About Love for Valentines Day

It was such a pleasure to meet and listen to talented artist Agustin Vargas, a mature master with deep philosophical content, artists Ksusha Scott, Elena Eros, Marina Philimon, Suzan Steinberg who have shared their personal experience and inspirations for work.

Artist Agustin Varga presenting his work at All About Love BAHaus
Artist Suzan Steinberg presenting artwork of love at BAHaus All About Love
Local Arizona artist presenting their artwork at All About Love exhibit

Artist Mila Strugatsky presented series of work called Solberg and Centaur, and talked about many issues of love relationships.

Mila Strugatsky presenting her art work depicting love through her art at All About Love art event
Artist Mila Strugatsky All About Love Valentines Day Art Event with BAHaus

The crowd was beautiful, because it was a celebration of beauty filled with their interesting stories and appreciation to “love.”

“Beauty saves the world”, that was the topic of Lana Gerimovich’s presentation through her recent photoshoot photographed by TJ Drysdale Photography with the model Victoria in one-of-a-kind pink whimsical dress at Grand Canyon this winter.

artwork by local artists with Lana Gerimovich couture custom gown with fashion fine art photography
Bespoke dress designer Lana Gerimovich presents one of a kind couture whimsical pink dress Valentines Day Art Event

Mila Strugatsky, artist and host of All About Love, spoke “Lana is a well-known fashion designer of Alis Fashion Design, who creates bespoke clothing, which is couture artwork, applied in real life. Her installation topped the subject of Love as an icing on the cake.”
Finally, tango performance, a dance of relationships, concluded the event. The subject of love could be and should be explored more and more. It seems never enough. ”Love saves the world.” Let’s make month of February month of Love.

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