7 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Wedding Dress Custom Designed

I am often asked, “Lana, should I purchase this bridal gown or should I have you custom make it for me?” Often, they share a picture or two with me, a magazine tear out, or a website link. And then comes THE question… “If you can design wedding dress for me, how much is it going to cost?” (I am commonly asked the very same questions about custom made bridesmaids and flower girl /ring bearer dresses too!)

Well, for those who really are interested in knowing the answers, here are my Top 7 Reasons Why You Absolutely Should Have Your Wedding Dress Custom Made and Designed:

1. Self Expression Makes A More Lasting Impression – There is no better time in your life then during the most important day in your life to share with the world who you really are – how you think, feel, act and create. And, how you express yourself in what you wear on your wedding day is not only seen and felt by everyone you care the most about, but an image that will stay with you and them forever.

2. Comfort Matters – I am here to tell all of you once and for all, you can look your best and bring loved ones to tears without suffering the consequences for it! If I was standing in front of you right this moment, I would be looking you in the eyes and telling you we can design a dress that not only will look precisely the way you dreamed but will fit you like a glove. Made for only you. And, here’s really WHY Comfort Matters… if you are comfortable then you are more free to take in a more full and complete experience on your special day. No encumbrances whatsoever. I promise I can make you fly!

Bespoke Wedding Dress by Lana Gerimovich

“Precise details are priority for our custom made wedding dresses” – Lana Gerimovich

3. Perfectly Imperfect – Can we talk ladies? Let’s face it… we all are unique and so are our bodies. But worry not! No matter how unique you are we together can custom create the dress that will make you look incredible. Zero compromise on style. Zero compromise on comfort. A bespoke tailored dress that is not only gorgeous but also perfectly styled for specifically your uniqueness.  

4. Everything Is Connected To Everything Else – Ever think beyond you and the dress? Ever think about getting really creative and connecting creatively in some way to your bridesmaids, your groom, the ushers, the reception venue, the flowers (you get the idea)? Ever think to custom design and perhaps connect a veil, sash, a tie for your lovely groom or even custom made flower girl dress? If you really want to create WOW, then lets go for it! Our creativity is limitless and I cannot tell a lie… I LOVE a challenge!

Bespoke Wedding Gown Close Up

Final touches on the bespoke wedding gown by Lana Gerimovich

5. Creative Flexibility– Want to wear your mother’s or grandmother’s bridal gown? Did you find a vintage dressthat you just completely fell in love with? Have a section that you just wish you could somehow incorporate into something incredible? We not only LOVE to re-cut, reconstruct and restore those incredible masterpieces but, we can also restyle dresses to better reflect your own personal taste and creativity? Oh, and one word of advice, this should never be the job for an alteration professional ladies… To restyling a dress is a creative project for fashion and wedding dress designer. Save yourself the headache and time. Trust me!

6. It’s The Journey Not Just The Destination – Might it have occurred to you that this whole experience to custom design a wedding gown could actually be fun, exhilarating and… NOT stressful? You don’t need for me to tell you how the world works… you find just the right person who cares just as much as you do about the same things and somehow all that stress and worry seems to just dissipate. Well, paraphrasing and interchanging some of the words of the great Forrest Gump… “bespoke is as bespoke does!” Find someone who not only cares but who can deliver for you an incredible day! A special someone who can help create a beautiful journey and an experience to remember for life.

7. All Things Equal – Let me ask you… why would you spend thousands for a wedding dress when we can make high couture dress for you- create a custom made dress that is exactly what you want, incredibly comfortable, fits you perfectly, makes you look perfect – for very likely the same price? Really… why would you? I know the answer! Because this would be in the category of what you didn’t know about what you didn’t know. You didn’t even know or think you could have your cake and eat it too… am I right? Well then, let’s change that… call me today, tell me your story, your dream and let me show you how you really can have it all.

Full Shot of Bespoke Bridal Gown made by Lana Gerimovich

Each dress is customized and tailored to bride’s body and her dream.

For those who get inspired for custom designed wedding dresses, you should definitely check out our Bespoke Wedding Gown Collection to see beautiful one of a kind wedding dresses designed by our designer Lana Geirmovich. 

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For more information of custom made wedding gowns, please check out Bespoke Wedding Dress page!


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