4 Must Know Tips For Having Dream Wedding Dress Altered

Congratulations! You are engaged and found your dream outfit for the big day! But wait a second, you need it to fit! Rarely you find the dress that perfectly fits on your body since these “ready-to-wear” wedding gowns off the rack are convenient yet manufactured to standardized shapes and sizes.  The article that I have recently read  “Bridal Fittings 101: advice from a tailor shop employee” was a very helpful article about bridal alteration services. Here I have selected 4 most important topics among many and I would like to offer my opinion on it as an experienced seamstress/designer. 


  1. Can bridal alterations make all the dresses perfect like it was just made for me? 

Yes, it is true that a perfect fit can be achieved by altering a wedding dress. But that is usually the case if the dress is only one size off, since every wedding garment has unique design and finishing.

If you fall in love with a dress, but it is bigger than more than one size, you should show it to a bridal alterations specialist before purchasing. I had witnessed several of my bridal clients having been pushed to buy the wrong dress at a bridal store with an unsubstantiated assertion that “a seamstress can resize”. Be aware, every dress has its limits.

Bridal alterations on wedding gown in Phoenix Arizona


  1. Keep your measurements handy – What does it mean? 

 If you order a wedding dress or a bridesmaid’s dress from a store online or from a catalogue, please always keep your measurements chart handy. Even when you shop at a physical store, a salesperson may not have the necessary experience in taking proper measurements. It is even possible to supply the correct measurement data to the company, just to have the dress sent to you in a wrong size. In the recent past I had seen a client who, possessing her own measurements chart, successfully demanded an exchange of the garment from the company of origin.


  1. Can I just describe my wedding dress over the phone for an estimate of  bridal alterations? 

This is a No-No! Never attempt an estimate for an alteration of a bridal dress over the phone! Every wedding dress is unique and complex. First, you need to make research for a reputable seamstress. Secondly, schedule an appointment for a thorough in-person evaluation, and finally, after receiving the fitting and the estimate you should always seek a second opinion. Remember: you get what you pay for, so keep an open mind to all possibilities before settling on one choice.


Having your wedding dress altered by the seamstress in Scottsdale Arizona


  1. What do I need to bring for fitting beside my wedding gown?

When coming to all fittings, have the exact foundation garment (fitted underwear) and the heels you plan on wearing with your bridal dress. This gives the alterations specialist the complete look of your height; therefore, your dress won’t be shorter than what you had expected. 


      Last tip as a bespoke dress designer: Keep in mind that sometimes having your wedding gown restyled ends up more pricy than making your wedding gown custom made.

Alis Fashion Design has long experience of complex alterations and restyling on wedding gowns for many years. If you are thinking to restyle your wedding dress into a modest bridal gown such as adding sleeves, raise a neckline and restyle bodice, please come see me for consultation. Depending upon your vision of modest wedding dress, custom designed modest bridal gown could be the best choice rather than restyling the wedding dress off the rack.

Custom made floral bolero wedding jacket wedding wrap wedding cape

Custom made floral bridal bolero/wedding jacket for bride


Now, you are ready to run into bridal alterations stores with your newly purchased wedding gown and your heels! Following these 4 golden tips you won’t miss out on it! 

If you are seeking our bridal service to have your wedding dress altered, please take a look at Bridal Alterations on our website for more detailed information and price.  

For brides looking for custom made wedding dress, please take a moment at our Bespoke Wedding Dresses for the procedures. 

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment,  you can contact me through Contact Us.

Your comments below is always welcome! 


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  1. I agree that it is very important to have your wedding shoes with you when you are going in for fittings with your seamstress to have your wedding dress altered. It could be disastrous to have your length shortened by too much because you were estimating the height of your shoes incorrectly. When you are preparing for your perfect day, it is important to take every single precaution possible because there are so many things that could go wrong with your dress.

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